Thanks to Florida History Museum

Just wanted to give a special thanks to the Florida History Museum, in Tallahassee, Fl.

For giving me a chance to talk about Photography as an art form, This coincided with the James Audubon exhibit  for the month of February.  I talked on the laws of thirds, framing, morning and evening colors, colors in shadows, lack of good auto focus in shadows.  Prepping computer and printer with color management and calibration.   I also talked about backgrounds, depth of field, motion, contrast and how our camera can do all of this.   The white point, checking your settings often because of cloud cover and shadows. Graduating into manual settings, and using auto as a trial in learning effects of the camera.   Manual focusing with digital lenses.    Maybe I can get the P  updated to place in the blog.  Will look into that.


About jwcallisarts

Wildlife photographer, Tallahassee, Fl. Pets and their People photography. Graduation, Fashion, Advertising, Weddings. I enjoy the minds spirituality, outdoors, canoeing, hikes, reading.
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