Wacissa River Sept 2012

Well the weather today was awesome and extremely quiet, gonna take my recorder now every time I can. Very still and the birds in the woods were grouped off and singing. Suppose to rain but at the last minute wind changed from sse to a east direction and increase in upper level speed also, so it stayed overcast but blew the rain away, for awhile.
Big Blue is finally getting its blue back and the water is back up about 2 feet since January of this year 2012. The spring head pumped out lots of tannin and dirt for sometime.
Very few birds out, but the woods were busy with everyone singing their song.
Finally got the Great Blue Heron to stick around and pose and he sure did. I did miss two great shots of him lunging for a fish but couldn’t back out the camera fast enough and got wingpit instead.
The weather has been rainy and in the 80’s for some time now and nights are in the 60’s.
Over all an extremely awesome day for peace quiet and listening to all the activity in the woods, doesn’t happen often there on the Wacissa.

Have been doing more people photos lately going to try some adverts here soon, so check out my pricing and if need be I can get a studio for pictures. Remember I do photos of you in nature and the nature in you

There is a truth to being in touch with nature

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Thanks to Florida History Museum

Just wanted to give a special thanks to the Florida History Museum, in Tallahassee, Fl.

For giving me a chance to talk about Photography as an art form, This coincided with the James Audubon exhibit  for the month of February.  I talked on the laws of thirds, framing, morning and evening colors, colors in shadows, lack of good auto focus in shadows.  Prepping computer and printer with color management and calibration.   I also talked about backgrounds, depth of field, motion, contrast and how our camera can do all of this.   The white point, checking your settings often because of cloud cover and shadows. Graduating into manual settings, and using auto as a trial in learning effects of the camera.   Manual focusing with digital lenses.    Maybe I can get the P  updated to place in the blog.  Will look into that.

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